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dr ami hall

Dr Ami Hall


Salaried GP Partner

Dr Ami Hall, General Practitioner (Salaried Partner) joined the Practice in 2014. Dr Hall’s special interests are Palliative Care and Gynaecology. Dr Hall is our Performance and CQC Lead.  

Dr Jerome Poppe

Salaried GP Partner

Dr Jerome Poppe joined our Practice in October 2020. Dr Poppe is our Palliative Care Lead.

Dr Magda Rocha

Salaried GP Partner

Dr Magda Rocha, General Practitioner (Salaried Partner) joined our Practice in July 2020 and is currently working at Queen Street Practice Dr Rocha has a special interest in women’s health. … [continue] Dr Magda Rocha

Dr José Luis Fernández Fidalgo

Dr José Luis Fernández Fidalgo

Qualified Oviedo, Spain 1986 LMS Certificate in Diabetes Care

Salaried GP

Dr Jose Fidalgo, General Practitioner (Salaried) joined the practice in 1997. Dr Fidalgo’s special interests are Care of the Elderly and Diabetes.  

Dr Joseph Davis

MB ChB 2001 (University of Manchester)

Salaried GP

Dr Joseph Davis, General Practitioner (Salaried)

Dr Joanne Hull-Davies

MB ChB 1989 (University of Leicester)

Salaried GP

Dr Jo Hull-Davies, General Practitioner (Retained post) Dr Hull-Davies’s special interests are women’s health.

Physician Associate

Miss Kinza Ali

Physicians Associate

Miss Kinza Ali is our Physician Associate. Physician Associates are trained healthcare professionals who work alongside doctors and provide medical care as part of the team.  They have a dedicated … [continue] Miss Kinza Ali

Training Doctors

Dr Emeka Abalu

GP Trainee

Dr Emeka Abalu is one of our GP Trainees. GP Trainees are qualified Doctors who spend an additional 3 years in GP Practices and Hospitals to gain further experience to … [continue] Dr Emeka Abalu

Dr Sarah Njeri

Dr Sarah Njeri is one of our GP Trainees. GP Trainees are qualified Doctors who spend an additional 3 years in GP Practices and Hospitals to gain further experience to … [continue] Dr Sarah Njeri

Dr Charles Eddy

Dr Charles Eddy is our FY2 doctor. A Foundation doctor (FY1 or FY2 previously known as a house officer) is a grade of medical practitioner undertaking the Foundation Programme – a … [continue] Dr Charles Eddy


Medical Students

Medical Students

We are a training Practice and regularly have Year 3 and Year 4 medical students attached to the Practice

Nurse practitioners

Nurse Practitioners

We have a highly trained and multi-skilled team of nurses. Our Nurse Practitioners, Diana, Ann and Emma work supporting the On Call doctor/triaging the many calls for medical advice between 8.00 am and … [continue] Nurse Practitioners

Mental Health Nurse

Tony, our Mental Health Nurse sees patients with diagnosed mental conditions plus those patients seeking help for anxiety, stress, low mood, bereavement. Tony is our Safeguarding Lead

Practice nurses

Nurse Prescriber

Anne-Marie is our Nurse Prescriber who works alongside our Nurse Practitioners and GPs.

Practice Nurses

Our Practice Nurses are Michelle and Lesley. The Practice Nursing team are the experienced professionals who can help you in many different aspects without the need to see a doctor. They will … [continue] Practice Nurses

Additional healthcare staff


Our Phlebotomists are Joanne, Debbie, Sharone, Lynsey and Janice.  They are able to take bloods and blood pressures.

District Nurses

The District Nurses provide day to day nursing care, advice and support in the home. If help or advice is required they can be contacted through Lowther Medical Centre.

Elderly Care Co-ordinator

We also have an Elderly Care Co-ordinator – Arlene who also covers Phlebotomy when Joanne and Debbie are away.

Familiar Faces

This is a team of psychologists and living well coaches, who work with people whose difficulties bring them into frequent contact with their GP and other health services. They offer … [continue] Familiar Faces

First Step

Counsellors who offer CBT, support of depression anxiety etc (referral via GP or self referral)  

Health Care Assistant

We have a Health Care Assistant (HCA) Tracy. Tracy will do injections, dressings, blood tests, ECG’s and blood pressure readings.

Health Visitors

The Health Visitors that are attached to the practice are concerned with the promotion of health and the prevention of ill health through the provision of education, advice and support, … [continue] Health Visitors

Macmillan Nurse

The Macmillan Team has extensive knowledge and experience on the care of patients with cancer and other serious illnesses. They can provide support for patients and their families.


Antenatal clinics provided at the Practice


We have a team of Paramedics who action Home visits on a daily basis for Copeland Practices


We have two (non-prescribing) Pharmacists – Kelly and Eleanor who will deal with medication queries and also have medication review clinics in the afternoons. These appointments are booked by our … [continue] Pharmacists

Social Prescribers

New role to help people who have social needs but not necessary Adult Social care need (GP referral)

Practice manager

Service Delivery Lead

Our Service Delivery Lead is Lesley Bethwaite.   Lesley will be able to help you with any administrative or non-medical enquiries.  You can contact Lesley via our main number 01946 692241.

Practice staff


Your first point of contact with our Practice. Receptionists are responsible for dealing with enquiries, organising appointments, preparing repeat prescriptions and ensuring the smooth day-to-day running of the Practice under … [continue] Receptionists

General Administration

We have an experienced administration team that will be able to answer many of your queries promptly.