Lowther Medical Centre

01946 692241

Lines open at 8.00am

How to access our service

We really appreciate that patients have been helping us concentrate resources on fighting COVID-19.  We really appreciate your kindness and support during this unique period.
As things begin to open back up, our demand has increased and we know access to us is your main concern.
Here’s how we ask you to access our services:
– If your problem is not urgent please complete an ONLINE CONUSULT query (click on the link on our Homepage) – this is passed to our triage team and your query will be actioned / an appointment will be booked and you will be contacted.  You can complete this on behalf of a relative
– Call us to book an appointment at 8am. Please be aware Mondays and Tuesdays are busiest periods.  Once these appointments are full you will be asked to call 111 if it’s an urgent medical problem.  We have to reserve appointments for this according to UK government.  111 will only triage and will not be able to prescribe or provide sick notes or referrals
-If you or your relative is housebound please contact us before 11am for a home visit request. A clinician may call and speak to you first
Thank you