Lowther Medical Centre

Lines open at 8.00am

Telephone Calls to CHoC

Most calls to CHoC now need to go through the 111 service. Please dial 111 and if 111 decide the call requires a Clinician they will direct your call to CHoC.

However, if you are a patient for whom your own GP has agreed a specific Care Plan or if you are a patient that requires the District Nursing Team then you can still contact CHoC directly on 0300 30 34 365. The CHoC call handler will need to take all the necessary details in order to deal with the call appropriately. Please do not use this number unless the above applies as you will be requested to put the phone down and dial 111. 

CHOC – Information Leaflet

Date published: 6th May, 2020
Date last updated: 6th May, 2020