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Referral to a specialist

Please click on the link below for guidance on what to expect when you are referred by your GP to see a Specialist (or therapist).

Please read this information carefully – it may save you an unnecessary trip to the surgery.

Referral to a specialist 

Patient Referral Information

Self referral

The aim of the Self referral system is to enable patients to activate a referral of treatment without having to visit your GP.

Patients can be seen quicker preventing chronic issues and reducing the need for prescriptions and expensive diagnostic tests. It will also reduce the GP workload, freeing up appointment slots in their busy clinics.

First Step is part of Cumbria Partnership NHS Foundation Trust and provides free, talking therapies to adults in Cumbria with depression and anxiety disorders.

First Step can help with a range of common mental health problems including mild to moderate depression, anxiety disorders (such as chronic worry, panic attacks, health anxiety and obsessions), mild bulimia, anger or sleep problems. If you feel that you suffer any of these then First Step can help

To contact First Step, please call 0300 123 9122


Podiatrists are trained to assess and treat any problem of the foot, ankle and lower leg. Non-diabetics are able to use this self referral form where you will be assessed by an Podiatrist thoroughly. The appointment usually lasts for 30 minutes and a shared plan with yourself and the Podiatrist is agreed. If you are diabetic and require foot care then please make an appointment with the Practice Nurse.

Download the self referral form Podiatry self referral form and return to Reception, Lowther Medical Centre


Physiotherapy can be particularly beneficial if you are suffering from chronic/ongoing low back pain, neck pain, recent injuries such as strains / sprains, or joint and muscular pain.

Unfortunately self-referral is not open to patients with neurological conditions such as Multiple sclerosis, Parkinsons disease, stroke and respiratory conditions. It is important that you do not self-refer without first consulting your GP if you have any of the following conditions – Unexplained weight loss, unexplained bladder or bowel problems, history of cancer, night pain, fever or night sweats, unsteady on feet and pins & needles/numbness in both arms or in both legs.

If you have an acute problem, appointments are available via the MSK Team at the Same Day Health Centre – appointments bookable via Lowther Medical Centre Reception.

Please complete the online self referral form – Physio Self Referral

OR download the self referral form here –

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Continence service

The Continence Service offers a specialised team of nurses and physiotherapists dedicated to providing an assessment and treatment plan for adults who have bladder, bowel and or prolapse problems with or without incontinence.

The aim is to promote continence, manage incontinence and improve quality of life.

Download the self referral form here Continence Service Self referral form.

Smoking cessation

12 weeks FREE of smoking cessation, advice, support and products available from your local Pharmacy.

Boots UK Ltd (Workington)

Morrison’s Pharmacy (Whitehaven)

Murrays Pharmacy (Egremont)

Seascale Pharmacy

W Fare Ltd (Whitehaven)

Mirehouse Pharmacy (Whitehaven)

Murrays Pharmacy (Cleator)

Seacliffe Pharmacy (Whitehaven)

Tesco Instore Pharmacy (Whitehaven)

Whitehaven Late Pharmacy

Date published: 26th March, 2020
Date last updated: 24th November, 2021