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Patient survey and results

We would like to share with you some of our patient feedback – both good and bad! 

Our Practice list size is currently 14,229 patients.   Over a 5 week period (28 August – 1 October) a total of 3969 patients were provided with a FACE to FACE appointment, 2176 with TELEPHONE consultations and 212 patients had a HOME VISIT.

That is a GRAND TOTAL of 6357

For the period 2 Jan to 1 October 2023 we have provided a total of 47,804 patient contacts – Please click on the link for further details

Pt Stats – SEPT 2023

Each month 50 texts are sent to patients who have had consultations for feedback.  Patients are also able to complete an online form (click on link below).

Friends and Family Test

October 2023 REPORT  Summary Scores for Practice Recommendation = Positive 92%, Negative 0%, Neither 8%

YEARLY REPORT TO DATE (Jan-June 2023) = 89% of patients likely to recommend the Practice 🙂 and 5% of patients unlikely to recommend the Practice 🙁

Practice Recommendation – Yearly GRAPH (A4)


We would also like to share with you some of our Complaints/Concerns and actions taken along with some Compliments received.

Compliments, Complaints SEPT 2023




Date published: 13th October, 2014
Date last updated: 21st November, 2023