Lowther Medical Centre

01946 692241

Lines open at 8.00am


Our current Covid vaccination slots are now fully booked.

Please do not call to try and book a Covid vaccination. You will be contacted when it is your turn and we will update our website and Facebook page.

We expect to have vaccinated most of our over 80s by the 26th JanuaryIf you are over 80 and have not been called by then (26th Jan) please contact reception.

We are moving onto cohorts 3 and 4 – those over 70.

To see where you fit in the national guidance, please click the link below

PHE_11895_COVID_vaccine_priority_poster_09 (2)

Please be patient it will take some time to get through our over 70s

We need to keep our phone lines clear for those seeking medical advice and help.

Thank you for your patience