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Help us help you with appointments Posted on 30 Jul 2019

I need to see my GP - or do I?  Advice on making appointments.

We all know that there are only a limited amount of appointments in GP Practice to see GPs, NPs and the Nursing team.  We do our best to release on a daily basis, as many appointments as possible (bookable up to 28 days ahead) and maximize the time the Clinicians have in the Practice.  This is alongside daily home visits, referrals and completing other associated paperwork, plus ensuring staff are kept up to date with training and important information. 

Could we also ask that patients bear the following in mind when booking an appointment in order to try and maximize the number of appointments available:

Do I need to see a member of staff in the GP Practice or could I get advice/treatment from the local Pharmacy / 111? - Please click on link on our Home Page for "Which Service should I use"

Do I need to see somebody face to face?  We have some telephone consultations available with GPs with are suitable to discuss test results / sick notes / medication

Do I need to see a GP for my problem?  Please click on link on our Home Page for "Who Do I Need to See".

Is my need an EMERGENCY and I must be seen today or can I wait for a non-emergency appointment?   Please provide our team of Receptionists with details in order that they can book an appointment with the most appropriate person or add your details to our triage list for our on-call team to review.  (Please note all children under the age of 16 who are sick on the day are seen as emergencies).

Can my children / partner be seen too at the same time?  Only if appointments are available as 1 appointment slot is for 1 patient only so relatives may need to book in at another day/time.

I have several problems I wish to discuss.  As each appointment with the GP or NP is 10 minutes please try to discuss only 1 and the most important problem.  If you do have other problems to discuss, please book another appointment or advise the Receptionist when booking.

I feel better now so I do not need to attend.  Please contact Reception or cancel via the online system/Apps so that the appointment becomes available for other patients.  We get a significant number of patients who fail to turn up each week meaning appointment slots are wasted.

Why do I need to provide information to the Receptionist - they are not medical.  Our team of Receptionists are trained to signpost patients to the most appropriate service and ensure you get the care you need and therefore need to ask a few details about your problem before they book an appointment.  All information provided is strictly confidential and if you wish to speak to a Receptionist in private - please ask and we can make a room available.

We hope that by working together we can improve the service for all :-)




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